Stop Furniture from Sliding

Furniture sliding on a floor is a common problem among many homes. While there are pads available to claim to stop furniture from sliding, Dura-Grip furniture grippers seem to be one of the best ways to stop any furniture from sliding.



Welcome to Stop furniture from sliding. This site intends to offer useful information to the common question and problem of how to stop furniture from sliding. Sliding furniture can be a problem on hardwood floors, wood floors, tile floors and any type of hard floor surface.

It is important use the right pad under any furniture to stop the furniture from sliding. There are various pads available that claim to work to stop furniture from sliding, moving and slipping, yet very fee stand the test of time and even fewer work without any nails, tacks or adhesives. One of the pads we tested, Dura-Grip non-slip furniture floor pads are the only pad we tested that actually work to stop furniture from sliding without having to be nailed or glued to the furniture. This is a welcomed surprise.


Furniture on a hard floor can slide from many things. Furniture can move and slide from being used. It can also slide from being pushed. This furniture sliding issue causes problems and people would prefer for their furniture not to slide and move. Placing the  furniture pad under your furniture will stop any furniture from sliding, creating a perfect look everyday. 

Dura-Grip non-slip furniture floor pad was tested under many conditions with many types of furniture. Each time, Dura-Grip passed on keeping furniture from sliding on the floor that it was on. It amazed us on how a pad can stop any furniture from sliding without having to be glued or nailed. It is especially nice to know that while Dura-Grip works to stop furniture from sliding, it does not contain any sticky adheisve to damage the furniture or the floor.

Dura-Grip is also impressive in that it is made in the USA with American materials. It is made of compressed recycled felt and two natural rubber layers, one on each side, so that rubber is in contyact with both furniture and floor. Unlike others, Dura-Grip does not need to be glued or nailed to stay in place and work. The textured rubber naturally and safely adheres to the floor and furniture to create the ultimate non-slip effect.

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